sammy_wannSammy Wann
National Veterans Diversity Council

Sammy Wann is a coordinator for the Florida Diversity Council overseeing North and Central Florida. In this role, she is responsible for planning events within four chapters, implementing marketing tools, developing community and corporate partnerships, and managing social media. A Jacksonville, Florida native, she oversees the Orlando Chapter and most recently launched the Tallahassee Chapter.

Wann’s father, a retired Navy pilot who has been involved in Army contract work in Afghanistan since 2009, has fueled her passion for veteran affairs. As a psychology and family and child sciences double major graduate from Florida State University, she had the chance to learn more about issues that military families face and the psychological challenges that many veterans experience when returning from overseas. While in her sorority at the university, she created a philanthropic initiative for sending soldiers in war zones snacks, games, movies and other items that they could use for entertainment while serving in the Middle East.

In an effort to help veterans transition more easily into the civilian workforce, Wann hopes that the National Veterans Council will assist employers around the nation in creating a more inclusive work environment for veterans and better understanding of the concerns these individuals face transitioning to the civilian workforce.